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All these Real Belgian chocolate bars are available in different sizes and different flavours or in combination with the listed flavours.

All tablets are also available as follows:

with natural sweetener made from STEVIA plant;

no sugar added;

free from lactose & gluten.

Please contact us for more information.


An amazing range of ruddy realistic chocolate tools made with Belgian dark chocolate dusted with cocoa powder. A unique gift! 


Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot chocolate spoons are an endless adventure of different chocolate because chocolate milk does not always have to taste the same! Premium chocolate along with other natural ingredients make the best combinations.

Simply dream away with a steaming cup of cocoa. 

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Small tablets of chocolate perfect to serve with a cup of coffee. They can also be used as promotional goods, with private label advertising on their wrapping. They are individually wrapped and exist in 4,5g and 8,5g models. Flavours: extra dark (72%) - dark (50%) - milk (31%)

Other flavours or combination of flavours are possible as from 800 kg runs. 

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Belgian Chocolate Spheres

In this product family you can find the classic white chocolate spheres, milk chocolate spheres and black chocolate spheres, produced with Belgian chocolate and filled with hazelnut praline. Within this product family, we launched the innovative chocolate positioned spheres, produced with different fillings such as biscuit, tiramisu and mocha and an excellent Belgian chocolate. 

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Chocolate letters make special little remembrances, promotional gifts, or may be simply purchased to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea. A range of all 26 letters and 10 numbers, several sizes, decoration or packaging. 



Belgian chocolate on a stick ... A fun, funky and original little attention or gift. You can also get it with your own design or sprinklings decoration on the form of your choice. 

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Delicious fine Belgian chocolate truffles with a creamy Cocoa, Toffee or Cappuccino core that melt in the mouth.

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Sea Shells

Enjoy these seashell-themed chocolates with a delicious ... filling.