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Single Wrapped Soft Honey Nougat

The perfect companion for tea and coffee - for your giftpacks and incentives - or in bulk - or pick & mix.
Available in transparent or personalized wrappers. Handmade in Belgium! Gluten and Lactose free!

Flavours: Amaretto, Almond, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Cinnamon crip, Cranberry, Papaya-Pineapple 


Gift Boxes

Giftboxes filled with nougat are available in wood, metal or carton.
Wooden boxes exist filled with 125g and 250g, metal boxes are filled with 250g of nougat and carton boxes with 150g.

Flavours: Almond, Papaya & Pineapple, Vanilla & Chocolate Vanilla & Cappuccino 

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Soft Honey Nougat Bars

First you like it, then you love it and finally... you become addicted. We know the reason why.

These are handmade in Belgium! Free from gluten, milk, lactose, peanut, colouring agents and preservatives. Cholesterol free! Available in different flavours.


Giant Artisanal Nougat Blocks

Nougat and chocolate dipping, a delicious combination: small nougat blocks, dipped in milk or dark chocolate 70%, simply heaven! Gigantic nougat blocks are also available in several flavour combinations, to slice, thermically sealed in blocks of 3 to 5 kg.